Frequently Asked Questions

100% safe! We use safe social media marketing methods since 2012.

Our standard services are worldwide traffic, likes and followers. The audience comes from real account/people, from worldwide on a random basis (USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, etc). This means a global audience. You may receive traffic from various countries. We try to advertise you or your website/social media accounts to an English speaking audience, but ultimately, we cannot guarantee what kind of people want to follow, like or visit your page with this worldwide audience.

Yes, 100% real accounts. We provide all our digital marketing services only from real people.

Absolutely not! It's impossible. We follow all the social media rules since 2012. We use safe methods. You can relax.

Usually no. Most of our services use the "drip-fed" method. Your new likes will not appear at once, they will look very natural.

We don't recommend it. For example, if you buy Facebook page followers, we track our progress by your start count of followers in the moment of your purchase, and if another campaign of yours is increasing your followers simultaneously, it will count towards the service we've done for your account.

You can check on each service page and you'll see in the description the estimated start time and the delivery time. Usually the orders starts in 1 to 24h.

Example: If you want to know the delivery time for Facebook followers, go to and you'll see in the description the estimated delivery time.

If after the estimated delivery time you continue without receiving your service, please contact us and we will refund your payment. You don't need to open disputes on PayPal, just contact our 24/7 live chat support and we will refund you!

Yes, we offer lifetime replacement warranty on ALL our services. Example: You buy Facebook likes and then you face some drops, just contact us and we'll refill your order.

No admin access necessary. We don't need any password or access to your social media accounts.

After each payment, our system sends an auto email to the email address that you entered in our checkout with your order ID, details and status. Check please your mail or spam box.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!